Attention Outplacement Firms: Elevate Your Brand… as well as theirs

“The outplacement firms who stand to gain the most will be the ones that adjust to the changing demands in the market. Personalized transition support coupled with technology tools will be key.” (Source: The Insala Outplacement Industry Forecast for 2009)

Technology Tools Will Be Key
Talent Wizards is pleased to offer a key technology tool, the Career Web Portfolio, which also includes cutting-edge virtual video conferencing capability. 

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, exiting employees gain an edge over their competition in the job market.  When your firm provides a state-of-the-art tool, you, too, gain an edge over your competition in the outplacement market.

In today’s economy, employers tend to notice the professionals who do something different to stand out from the crowd.  A generic resume increases the likelihood of the candidate being overlooked without a thorough examination of his or her qualifications.  The Career Web Portfolio provides an edge in job transition by giving your clients the attention they deserve and the advantage they need.

Since using the Career Web Portfolio shaves 3-6 weeks off the average executive placement, you’ll be able to deliver competitive results to your clients and customers.  This could be a powerful door opener for new major accounts and will certainly elevate your firm’s brand in the outplacement market. 

Main Advantages For Your Outplacement Clients: 

  • Your clients will co-browse their portfolios with hiring managers during phone interviews. 
  • Their portfolios will make a powerful, stand-out impression with animated graphics and photos featuring their background and accomplishments in a sophisticated and elegant way. 
  • Your clients will invite potential hiring managers into an instant virtual interview, increasing rapport (and their chances to be advanced in the hiring process) through visual communication.
  • Your clients’ portfolios will provide out-of-town prospective employers with opportunities to meet your clients without incurring initial travel expenses that might have otherwise dissuaded them from considering out-of-town candidates.

Elevate Your Brand… as well as theirs
Outplacement organizations are responsible to the companies that hire them to enhance their clients’ and customers’ brand reputations.  When you provide your clients with clear-cut advantages during their career transition, they bring positive messages about your outplacement firm and their former employers into the marketplace.  It’s a sure way to serve the good of all concerned and create a win-win-win situation.

About Deanne Arnath

As President and Founder of Career Wizards, Inc., I exercise my passion of personal development by offering comprehensive career management services to individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs. My exceptional ability to recognize new strategic partner potential and build job search assistance programs from the ground up is what sets me apart from other career services professionals. One of my proudest achievements was winning an exclusive contract to help thousands of displaced employees from numerous Fortune 500 companies transition to new jobs by providing job-winning resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, resume distribution, and interview skills training services positioning Career Wizards as a leading outplacement service provider.
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