Communication Tips for Global Virtual Video Interviewing & Conferencing

With virtual video conferencing technology offered through Talent Wizard’s career portfolio, you can conduct an interview or any type of professional meeting without ever leaving your desk. Far better than a simple telephone conversation, which limits the larger part of our personal communication ability, each person on the video conference can see one another.

This added visual impact strengthens communication, because according to body language expert Jan Hargrave, we use body language for more than 55% of our communication.

Hargrave also states, “In America, we are sometimes more careful about what we say than how we say it. Abroad, 90 percent of communication is accomplished without words.” In an increasingly global economy, the need for long-distance interviews is growing. You need to be aware of the nonverbal cues expressed by those of other cultures.

The following are excerpts from Hargrave’s book, Let Me See Your Body
 •Talk, about how to “speak” body language with those from other cultures.
Thumbs up is considered vulgar in Australia, Iran and Ghana, and is equivalent to raising the middle finger in the United States.

• In Yugoslavia, people shake their heads from side to side for yes; appearing to us to be saying no.

• Americans are more likely to trust and like someone who looks them straight in the eyes, rather than someone who looks away. However, in Japan a person who looks a subordinate in the eye is felt to be judgmental and degrading, while someone who looks his superior in the eye is assumed hostile or slightly insane.

• Arabs like eye contact, while the British try to keep your attention by looking away while they talk. When their eyes return to yours, it signals they have finishes speaking and it is your turn to talk.

• In America, we often slouch and tend to relax in business meetings. This reclined position in northern Europe, however, reveals that your parents didn’t teach you proper posture. To make a good impression in Japan or Korea, you must sit with your feet squarely placed on the ground. This position indicates good breeding and maturity.

No matter what type of video meeting you’re having, it’s important to know that body language, even more so than your verbal language, communicates for you. In the world of the video interview, it’s critical to understand the body language of other cultures, as it could very well be the difference between hiring the right candidate or the wrong candidate.

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