A Dynamic Game Changer for Your Recruitment Firm

Buying decisions are made at a whole-brain level.  Nobel Laureate, Roger Sperry, discovered how we use our whole brain by doing split brain experiments.   He discovered that the left side of the brain is linear and uses rational thought and logical analysis. The right side of the brain is intuitive and helps with creative thought and the big picture.  The left side processes language and writing.  The right side processes visual stimuli and music.

The Talent Wizards’ Career Web Portfolio creates a powerful impression of your candidate in the minds of key decision makers.  The animated graphics, the visual/audio aspects of the virtual interviewing feature, and the colors and photos on each page are balanced with well-written language about their skills, accomplishments, affiliations and value in a sophisticated and elegant way.

Web portfolios are the greatest technical advancement in career transition in over a century. The graph below shows how old career transition tools and technologies are lingering on today.  It’s time to jump with both feet into the 21st Century.

Candidates who use a Career Web Portfolio:
– Move Ahead in the Hiring Process
– Demonstrate Initiative & Technical Savvy
– Sharpen the Perception of His or Her Value Proposition
– Develop an Immediate and Meaningful Dialogue with the Hiring Manager

When candidates make a greater impact during the process, they are propelled ahead of the pack.  Using web portfolios provides greater momentum and accelerates the hiring decision.  They allow employers and candidates to have a meaningful dialogues, and they improve the quality of the interviewing process for both parties.

As a result of using the web portfolio in placing your candidates, you and your firm will:
– Move Ahead in the Competitive Marketplace
– Demonstrate Your Initiative & Savvy with 21st Century Technology
– Sharpen the Perception of Your Value Proposition to Your Candidates & Clients
– Develop a Meaningful Dialogue with Hiring Managers and Top Talent

By using this dynamic game changer, you will attract top talent, as well as loyal customers, once they hear about your success with this competitive differentiator.  Your placement rates will increase, which, of course, affects the bottom line.

About Deanne Arnath

As President and Founder of Career Wizards, Inc., I exercise my passion of personal development by offering comprehensive career management services to individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs. My exceptional ability to recognize new strategic partner potential and build job search assistance programs from the ground up is what sets me apart from other career services professionals. One of my proudest achievements was winning an exclusive contract to help thousands of displaced employees from numerous Fortune 500 companies transition to new jobs by providing job-winning resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, resume distribution, and interview skills training services positioning Career Wizards as a leading outplacement service provider. http://www.careerwizardsinc.com https://www.facebook.com/careerwizards http://www.linkedin.com/in/deannearnath https://twitter.com/careerwizards
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