Going Green, Saving Energy & Saving Money

Last week Newsweek published its 2010 Green Rankings for the 500 largest publicly-traded companies in America. This year’s Top 10 Green Companies in the US are (drumroll please!):

1. Dell
2. Hewlett-Packard
3. IBM
4. Johnson & Johnson
5. Intel
6. Sprint Nextel
7. Adobe Systems
8. Applied Materials
9. Yahoo!
10. Nike

According to the federal government, companies consume more than one-third of the energy used nationwide. This week, The Baltimore Sun ran an article called Big Companies Benefit By Going Green, in which they cite this statistic and add: “When industry makes even relatively small strides toward energy efficiency, the results are significant… And ultimately, energy costs come out of the bottom line, so energy efficiency boosts affordability for us all.”

The article also gives several simple tips to save energy, such as:
• Lower your power usage by using energy-efficient equipment.

• Encourage employees to turn off lights and computers, as well as print less and recycle more.

• Instead of traveling between sites, you can take advantage of virtual meeting technologies.

We, at Talent Wizards, heartily endorse these suggested green initiatives, and, of course, we really like the virtual meeting technologies idea since this is one of our product offerings! Talent Wizards can help your company go green and save energy – and we’re very proud of that.

Certainly, it makes sense to reduce your company’s carbon footprint by using a conferencing tool to conduct long-distance interviews with top talent or conveniently meet with your staff in other parts of the world without using the fuel it would otherwise require by traveling. In addition to saving energy, consider how this tool helps you with another kind of green initiative… money. You’ll save money on air travel tickets, hotel accommodations, car expenses, meal reimbursements, etc.

The US Department of Energy has designated October as “Energy Awareness Month,” so now is the perfect time to roll out – or expand – green initiatives at your company. It’s good for the planet and good for your bottom line.

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