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Resume tips for making your education stand out

To help you tell your college career story the right way, I’ve listed my Top 10 tips for making your education stand out on your resume. Use these tips as a guideline for developing the Education section of your resume and you will be well on your way to landing a new job. Continue reading

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Career Exploration for a Rewarding Career

Making the right decision about your education or job choice is the first step toward a rewarding career. You can save yourself years of unhappiness by taking the time to research the different types of careers that are available to you, the economic outlook for those careers, the salary that you can expect to earn, and the advancement potential you can anticipate. Continue reading

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Recently, I had the pleasure of coaching Executive MBA candidates on resume preparation. I really enjoyed the event and consider it an honor to have been invited to participate in the Resume and Interview Clinic. I met with several MBA … Continue reading

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