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The 21st Century Workplace

The ability to compete effectively in a growing global marketplace has always been tied directly to our most valuable natural resource—the men and women of our great nation. Our workforce is the backbone of our economy. That needs to be the promise of the 21st Century workplace. Continue reading

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A Dynamic Game Changer for Your Recruitment Firm

Buying decisions are made at a whole-brain level.  Nobel Laureate, Roger Sperry, discovered how we use our whole brain by doing split brain experiments.   He discovered that the left side of the brain is linear and uses rational thought and logical analysis. … Continue reading

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Communication Tips for Global Virtual Video Interviewing & Conferencing

With virtual video conferencing technology offered through Talent Wizard’s career portfolio, you can conduct an interview or any type of professional meeting without ever leaving your desk. Far better than a simple telephone conversation, which limits the larger part of … Continue reading

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