Can LinkedIn take the place of my resume?

LinkedIn is a great place to be found by recruiters who are seeking passive candidates, but it doesn’t replace the all-important resume. A resume should be a one to two page fact-based, historical document that reflects an individual’s skills, experience, accomplishments, and education. Hiring managers’ use resumes as a tool to identify candidates that are a match for the job(s) they are working to fill. If they like what they see, they will then Google the candidate to learn more about them.

The LinkedIn profile is a great professional networking tool that should be a part of every job seeker’s job search arsenal. However, because LinkedIn is a social networking site for business professionals, it should include “social” elements about you that allow others to relate to you in a variety of ways. These elements include a personal photo, summary, interests, hobbies, causes, etc. It is these very LinkedIn elements that are a big no! No! on a resume.

While both resumes and LinkedIn profiles have a legitimate function as job search tools, it is understood that the two tools should not mirror one another. Eventually a hiring manager will see both job search tools, so it’s important to make sure that each one portrays you in a positive light. Take advantage of the various sections and features in LinkedIn that you didn’t use in your resume. These may include work-related projects, work samples, presentations, volunteer work, videos, and URLs, to name a few.

Remember that you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression with a hiring manager. If you are at a loss as to how to market yourself to potential employers, contact a certified professional resume writer and career coach for job search assistance. It just might be the most important investment you will ever make.

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