Why use professional resume services?

It makes so much sense to us here at Career Wizards because we do this everyday.  But, the question might cross your mind if you’re considering having your resume professionally written for the first time:  “Why should I hire a trained professional to help prepare my resume?”

Well, if you were going to buy or sell a home, wouldn’t you hire a professional realtor or attorney with years of experience and training to prepare the critical document for you?  After all, it’s rather risky to download a template or sample from the internet with fingers crossed that your interests will be well-covered.

Yet, that is exactly what many job seekers do.  Download a template from their word processing program and then plug in their information, hoping against hope that prospective employers will be able to see just how well-suited they are to open positions.

Hope is not something you can count on in today’s marketplace.  It’s far too competitive out there to make do with a resume that makes you look like all the rest.  You need to stand out from the crowd.  You need a professional document that makes a special statement about you.

The Main Advantage
A professional resume writing service will have staff that focuses on writing resumes everyday.   They’ll have experience preparing resumes for thousands of job seekers in diverse situations.  It’s what they specialize in, so they’ll be good at it. 

That’s the main advantage in using professional resume services, but just what can a professional resume writer do for you specifically?

Besides offering tons of expertise in the area of effective formatting and wordsmithing, a professional resume writer will help you market your skills, knowledge and experience in the resume.

Don’t doubt this for a moment.  Your resume is your brochure advertising brand YOU.  Unless you want be perceived as a cookie cutter candidate, you shouldn’t use a cookie cutter resume.  You want a document that reflects your uniqueness and personal brand.  You want to make the prospective employer curious to know more about the superstar candidate you are.  

A Professional Resume Writer Will:

– Determine your target direction and personal brand.

– Craft an introduction, summary or objective that targets your desired position and/or field while attracting to you what you truly want.

– Aim your personal brand toward your desired audience with a resonating message that’s easily grasped.

– Choose or design an appropriate format that effectively arranges and emphasizes your relevant background to produce the desired results.

– Highlight your strengths so that you can lead with your strong points and make a favorable first impression.

– Compose unique and compelling statements using powerful action words that tastefully show your accomplishments and abilities.

– Ensure that your resume presents your background using the most up-to-date standards of  today’s professional quality resume.

To learn more about how Career Wizards can help you professionally prepare your resume and get your desired results, please visit us at www.careerwizardsinc.com.

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As President and Founder of Career Wizards, Inc., I exercise my passion of personal development by offering comprehensive career management services to individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs. My exceptional ability to recognize new strategic partner potential and build job search assistance programs from the ground up is what sets me apart from other career services professionals. One of my proudest achievements was winning an exclusive contract to help thousands of displaced employees from numerous Fortune 500 companies transition to new jobs by providing job-winning resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, resume distribution, and interview skills training services positioning Career Wizards as a leading outplacement service provider. http://www.careerwizardsinc.com https://www.facebook.com/careerwizards http://www.linkedin.com/in/deannearnath https://twitter.com/careerwizards
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