Career Wizards, Inc. is a leading virtual career solutions provider serving today’s challenged job seekers. We've been doing this for over a two decades, and expanded from our roots as a resume writing service to a leading provider of outplacement services and solutions, including job leads, career transition software, resume writing, online interview skills training, and resume distribution. At Career Wizard’s we strive to deliver the latest breakthroughs in career search tools to help our customers accelerate their job search and shorten their time to reemployment.


At Career Wizards, Inc. we strive to continue:

* Enriching the careers of everyone we touch by delivering highly-effective career services and solutions.

* Accelerating the development of career-related products and services that our customers want and value.

* Nurturing a winning network of customers and partners to create mutual, enduring value.

* Being a great place to work that inspires people to reach for the highest level of success they can achieve.

* Maximizing long-term return to stakeholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

* Being a lean, forward-thinking, customer driven organization.


Career Wizards, Inc., Corporate Headquarters

Dallas/Ft. Worth

1301 E. Debbie Lane, Suite 102

Mansfield, TX 76063

Telephone: (817) 466-0015

Facsimile: (866) 822-4191